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Market News - Week Commencing 13th April Created: 13th Apr 2020

Market News Markets continued to recover last week as some data suggested slight curve flattening in the worst affected countries in Europe. Central banks continued to provide support to the market Review   FTSE  +427 +7.89%  DAX +1038 +10.91% DOW Jones +2666 +12.67%  S&P500 +301 +12.10%  Nikkei +1678 +9.42% EURUSD +1.23 +1.13% GBPUSD +0.67 +0.54%  USDJPY unch Gold +64 +3.95%  UKOil -3.17 -9% USOil -5.62 -19.5%   Equities continued their risk correction as equity funds recorded a second week of inflows. News that China was easing some of its lockdown measures added general support whilst investors responded to the positive developments in Europe and the US, the new global epicentre for the epidemic, as infection rates and mortality rates seem to be decelerating. US equities had the best weekly performance since the Great Depression as stock markets responded positively to the start of the flattening of the epidemic curve. US indices have now rallied 25% from their lows on 23rd March. The FTSE100 has also recovered nearly 20% from its lows, whilst the Dax (GER30) has rebounded 28%. The question remains – what will be the lasting impact on economic growth in the world’s major economies and has the market priced in the risk correctly. Clearly the persistent volatility suggests...

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Markets Stabilise and volatility drops as infection curve flattensCreated: 13th Apr 2020

  Suddenly the markets look a bit flatter. Smaller ranges and a bit more normal. That said, it is hardly normal in the outside (or should we say “inside”) world, with many countries in lockdown or social distancing. In this week’s Podcast Adrian and Jerry examine the current trends and news impacting the markets including USD strength, Stock markets pausing and major oil price spikes. We hope you enjoy the session.   in-depth marketing analysis  Shortened holiday week in the West with markets shutting on Friday in celebration of Easter. All markets will be closed Friday with all European markets also closed next Monday. However, the US does not have a holiday next Monday so all markets will be open but with reduced liquidity, especially in Fx.   Some light at the end of the tunnel? Far East mkts reacting positively to news that southern European states are seeing a flattening in the curve of infections and mortality rates as the global epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic continues to fight back. China, whether you believe the numbers or not, seems to be exiting some of the extreme measures, as production and demand start to pick back up...

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Even Dead Cats Bounce on $2 TrillionCreated: 9th Apr 2020

Jerry & Adrian discuss the majoy market reactions to the unprecedented $2 Trillion stimulus package approved in the US last week, including one of the biggest Stock Market rallies of all time, and some pretty major moves on the USD. But where can the markets go from here? Is this the start of the major recovery, or is this nothing more than a Dead Cat Bounce.   In-depth market analysis   BST started yesterday. So normal time difference between UK / Europe and US resumed – with 5-hour diff. So, US stock markets back to 2.30pm Open and 9pm close. Far East markets recovering from the open overnight, initially reacting to the late sell-off in the US Friday evening and the further slide in oil prices…. with US Oil slipping below $20 for the first time in recent memory.   Some astonishing moves last week, that are worth noting. Review FTSE +319  + 6.16%  DOW +2,462 +12.84%  S&P +236 +10.26%  DAX +703 +7.88% Nikkei  +2,836 +17.14% European markets had suffered more than US markets previously hence the smaller magnitude of the bounce. US markets enjoyed their best three day run mid-week for decades as investors reacted to the $2...

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Check out our BRAND NEW D1 Accelerator StrategyCreated: 24th Mar 2020

Today’s video gives a run through of our new D1 Accelerator strategy for Swing traders. Faster than the standard strategy, this gives home traders faster entries and greater potential. Check it out....

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Trade Recap – More astonishing moves trading the Momentum on the DowCreated: 24th Mar 2020

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