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About the course

A popular starting point for any stock trader, including those wanting to make that transition from investing to more active trading. Momentum Stocks allows you to expand your portfolio with a clear trading plan, strategy and Sniper signals on the US and UK stocks, with simple-to-use tools. Perfect for spread betting, CFDs and stock trading accounts.

You will receive access to the Momentum Stocks trading software, tools and scanners on your laptop, desktop, Mac, tablet and smartphone. You will then learn how to trade the US and UK stock market with our professional trading course, providing simple-to-use and proven trading strategies, online live trading workshops and one to one coaching, giving you a trading plan that you can trade from home or on the move, requiring from just 20 minutes per day.

The Sniper “signals” are programmed to identify buying opportunities. However, the course will also teach you how to apply the same techniques to short stocks, giving you a fantastic tool to make a potential profit on falling markets.

This trading course is all about ease of use and member outcomes, with colour-coded strategies that anyone can use and follow with confidence, even if brand new to trading and charts. With Momentum Stocks, you can be up and running within days, and confidently identifying great trade setups. The KPIs below provide a proven starting point for our members, from which they can build and customise the strategies for even greater potential.

Momentum Stocks launched in 2021. The course and strategies are periodically improved and optimised based on new techniques and changing market dynamics.

Carefully Crafted Trading Package

This course and trading strategies are designed to suit the home traders’ mindset, making them easy to follow by the clear rules that we provide.

The professional coaching, simple-to-use tools and colour-coded strategies help you learn to trade Stocks and Shares by finding high-probability setups with ease, breaking down the challenges that many traders face on their own, allowing you to become a more confident trader and investor, with the proven Momentum Stocks framework.

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Colour-Coded Indicators & Strategies

Having taught home traders since 2003, we know that simple to follow strategies are key to success. That’s why the colour-coded indicators and strategies available within Momentum Stocks break the complexity and confusion that traders normally experience, allowing our members to trade shares with confidence and simplicity in mind.

With strategies designed specifically for stock trading, you can find trends, turning points and momentum-based share trading opportunities and follow a clear set of rules, knowing that you are identifying the right trades at the right times, whether in a bull or bear market.

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Time Saving Trading Tools

We understand that time and flexibility are crucial to the modern trader. Momentum Stocks provides access to award-winning software on your laptop, desktop, Mac, tablet and smartphone, enabling you to keep informed and find the latest stock trading signals wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Access trade scanners, so you can find the latest stocks and shares trading opportunities and swing trading signals at the click of a button, saving time and boosting accuracy, all requiring from just 20-minutes per day.

Manage risk and identify your stop loss and target placements using Trade Mate, a simple-to-use tool giving you clear guidance on proven trade management techniques, with the flexibility for more confident traders to customise their trades as their understanding develops.

Live Coaching & Training

Live Coaching & Training

Live training is crucial to trading success. Momentum Stocks includes online training webinars and live group workshops giving you a front-row seat to our professional trading coaches’ screens. You can listen, learn, chat with, and follow the action online as the markets are analysed and trades are called, using the same trading software that you will have installed on your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

You will also be provided with your own personal coach to go through the course material with you on a one-to-one basis, giving you the opportunity to learn first-hand from an experienced trader, explaining the strategies and reviewing the trades you have taken, helping to fast-track your understanding.

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Momentum Stocks includes:

  • Trade +500 UK and US Stocks
  • Daily & Weekly Charting
  • Colour-Coded Software with Sniper Signals
  • Defined Trading Strategies with Clear Entry & Exit Criteria
  • Risk Management & Scanning Tools
  • Verified Performance Track Record Since 2017
  • Available on Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC & Mac
  • Member Area (Training Videos, Handouts, Commentary and Recording Archive)
  • Interactive & Online Group Coaching Workshops (Strategy, Trade & Risk Management Review)
  • 3 Personal One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Trading Account Specialist

Key Information:

  • Course Launched: 2021
  • Latest Update: 2022

Strategy Performance*

Momentum Stocks Sniper Strategy
The Momentum Stocks Sniper Strategy is based on once-a-day trading on the Daily chart, typically in the evening or as the US stock market opens, and should take approximately 20 minutes per day to implement. Members can apply Momentum Stocks to the full S&P500 stocks and the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250, and use their discretion to help identify additional long and short trades.

The data below is based on trading all Sniper Strategy trades available from the 30 stocks comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Period: January 2017 to March 2022
Markets: Dow 30 Stocks**
Cumulative Profit: +1012.8%
Monthly Average: +16.1% profit
Success Rate: 47.2% win rate
Reward to Risk: Average 2:1
Frequency: Average 25 trades per month
Typical Trade Duration: 2-10 days
*Data based on range quoted, measuring all trades identified by the Momentum Stocks Sniper Strategy on the Dow 30 stocks. Members can apply the strategy to additional UK and US stocks for additional opportunity. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

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