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See why Trendsignal is the global leader in trading education for new and experienced traders.

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JPN225 +115 points profit
EUR/GBP +40 pips profit
5-Star Review from Paul – “My trading results have taken a sharp upturn, and my account is growing at a very healthy pace.” Paul Owens
Gold (XAU/USD) +60 pips profit
HKG33 +150 points profit
8-time Winner ADVFN ‘Best Trading Education Provider’ Award 2016 to 2023
GBP/NZD -16 pips loss
NAS100 +154 points profit
5-Star Review from Mervyn – “I have already surpassed my expectation with regards to return on investment.” Mervyn Hughes
US Oil +120 pips profit
D1 Accelerator Strategy D1 Accelerator Strategy +61.2% cumulative profit so far in 2023 (to 31/04/23) and +239% in 2022
Verizon +4.33% profit
5-Star Review from Shaun – “For the 1st time in years feel like I'm getting there all thanks to Trendsignal…” Shaun Price
Salesforce +4.19% profit
5-Star Review from Philip - “A return of 160% over the last 6 months.” Philip F
EUR/USD +80 pips profit
5-Star Review from Mr Bowler – “19 out of 20 winners…” Mr Bowler
4-Star Review from Andrew – “85% success rate on my trades.” Andrew H. [Andrew Hyman]
5-Star Review from Warren – “I'm making good progress and my trading account is growing at a good rate.” Warren
Microsoft +5.19% profit
JP Morgan +10.33% profit
USD/JPY +50 pips profit
GBP/AUD +80 pips profit
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Trading with Training & Support

Trendsignal is a leader in self trading education, providing trading courses that include tools, trading strategies and personal coaching to new and experienced investors, looking for a more disciplined approach. Established in 2003, our award-winning Forex trading, Stocks and Cryptocurrency courses and visual software give a clear rules-based framework to select new opportunities and manage risk.

Whether day trading or swing trading, our online trading programmes allow traders and investors to learn how to trade, establish their goals and trade with confidence.

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How Trading Works

How Trading Works

Most investors are only interested in the price of stocks moving up over the long term. They are missing out on the significant price movements that take place every day. Online trading gives access to leverage, more markets, low commissions, and the ability to profit from rising AND falling prices. With the right trading strategy, traders can have a more flexible and potentially lucrative way to achieve their income and capital growth goals, and we want to show you how you can do it too.

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Trusted Trading Courses

Our online trading courses break down the challenges that many traders face on their own - namely confusion over complex strategies, low confidence and fear. Whilst many courses teach discretionary strategies that are impossible to replicate, our team of data analysts and traders have produced verified trading strategies that are followed by the clear rules that we provide. The professional coaching, trade scanners and signals help you learn to trade by finding high quality setups by following clear rules, becoming a more confident trader.

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Why should you choose Trendsignal

By providing a simple, rules based approach to trading with colour-coded indicators and strategies, our experienced team has taught thousands of people worldwide for nearly 20 years.

Learn the strategies at a free live trading webinar

Learn the strategies at a free live trading webinar

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Established in 2003 Trendsignal ltd

Rated Excellent 4.5/5
on Trustpilot

Rated Excellent 4.5/5 on Trustpilot

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Over 10,000 members Trendsignal