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Day Trading Courses

Our day trading courses will teach you how to trade the big moves that take place during the day. These courses for day trading provide clear day trading strategies and one-to-one coaching, training you how to profit from short-term trades, typically lasting between 5 minutes and an hour.

Our online day trading courses provide what you need to day trade with confidence, enabling you to pinpoint the best markets to trade and the best times of the day to trade them.

Live trading is at the heart of these courses. Our free day trading courses include a live trading room, giving you a front-row seat to our professional trading coaches’ screens. You can listen, learn and follow the action as the markets are analysed and trades are called, using the same trading software that you will have installed on your own computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Dynamic Trader

Our comprehensive day trading course, providing charting, live training and professional coaching to benefit from intraday trades on Forex, Indices and Commodities.

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Colour-Coded Indicators

Identify clear trading opportunities with clear colour coded indicators, allowing you to trade Forex, Indices and Commodities with confidence.

Develop your results with techniques such as higher timeframes and Trendsignal’s R-Ratio to refine your trading.

Available on any device including laptop, desktop, Mac, tablet and smartphone.

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Trading Psychology & Risk Management

Risk management and trading psychology is key to being a successful day trader. It is not about individual trades, but all about managing your trading day to come out on top - ideal if you have a desire to trade full-time.

Dynamic Trader will provide a robust programme of live training, showing you first-hand how experienced traders manage their trades in realtime, learning as the markets move.

You will learn essential techniques to help you manage trades with confidence, developing your skills to help you maximise your winners and close loss making trades early.

Live Coaching & Training


The Dynamic Trader day trading courses provides a mix of live training, trading and development workshops each week.

Available online, and on any device, these live sessions (with a recording archive also available) provide a confidence boost where you can hone your day trading skills alongside our professionals.

You will hear live trades called and managed, using the same software and indicators that you will have on your own devices. You will learn additional techniques to help you identify more trades and further develop your consistency - all in a live environment.

Expert Coaching

You will be provided your own personal coach to go through the day trading strategies with you personally.

These live and online sessions go through the day trading course material with you on a one-to-one basis, giving you the opportunity to learn first-hand from an experienced trader, explaining the strategies and reviewing the trades you have taken, helping to fast-track your understanding. 

Our coaching team are all Trendsignal members, and have completed the comprehensive learning programmes themselves, coming through as highly successful traders, providing reassuring social-proof that the Trendsignal process works. The coaches are passionate about your success and will share the methods that they learned on their journey helping you to work towards the same outcome. 

Dynamic Trader includes:

  • Trade Forex, Indices & Commodities
  • Trade fast moving Forex, Indices & Commodities
  • Short-timeframes including 2-min and 5-min Charting
  • Colour-Coded Software for Long and Short Trades
  • Defined Trading Strategies with Clear Entry & Exit Criteria
  • Risk Management Training
  • Available on Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC & Mac
  • Member Area (Training Videos, Handouts, Commentary and Recording Archive)
  • Weekly Interactive & Online Live Trading Room (Strategy, Risk Management and Live Trading Analysis)
  • Weekly Development Workshops to Enhance your Skills
  • 3 Personal One-to-One Coaching Sessions
  • Access to Trading Account Specialist

Key Information:

  • Course Launched: 2017
  • Latest Update: 2022

Strategy Performance*

Dynamic Trader Strategy
The Dynamic Trader Course comprises 3 sub-strategies. The quoted performance is based on trading the Swing trading strategy on the 2-minute charts between 0800-1100hrs and 1330-1630hrs on the GER40 and 1800-2100hrs on the US30. The course teaches additional strategies, all of which can be applied to additional markets, such as Forex and Gold.
Period: August 2018 to March 2022
Markets: GER40 and US30
Total PIps: +47,155 pips profit
Monthly Average: +1,183 pips profit
Typical Trade Duration: 4-60 minutes
*Data based on range quoted, measuring all trades identified by Swing Strategy within the Dynamic Trader Course. US30 data is only recorded from May 2019. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

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Devider trend signal
Devider trend signal


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