Trade of the Day - Mastering Momentum: Analysing Today's Trades for Profitable Opportunities

Created: 12th March 2024

In today's Trade of the Day for March 12, 2024, Adrian provides a detailed analysis of two trades identified by the D1 sniper strategy: the CAD/Swiss and Hang Seng.

In the analysis, the CAD/Swiss trade is found to be in a sideways market phase with a stop loss below 40 points, indicating a lack of momentum and making it unsuitable for trading to avoid potential losses.

Conversely, the Hang Seng trade showcases a strong upward momentum with a significant movement exceeding the 40-point stop loss threshold, resulting in a successful trade outcome.

The Hang Seng trade successfully hits both starter and extended targets, highlighting the strategy's efficacy in capturing profitable opportunities.

We emphasise the significance of minimising loss-making trades by filtering out trades based on momentum and risk assessment.

This TOTD serves as a valuable resource for traders seeking to enhance their trading strategies and optimise their profitability in the market.


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