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About Us

Award Winning Experience

Established in 2003, Trendsignal is an award-winning trading educator, providing new and experienced home traders with courses that include simple-to-use software and live coaching to help them trade Forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies with confidence.

Our analysts and traders rigorously test all the trading strategies that we teach our members. Such pain-staking examination and evaluation are essential to their inclusion in our courses, meaning that our members can learn these proven strategies, knowing they are in safe hands.

Our professional team of experienced traders have taught our courses to thousands of individuals worldwide over the past two decades. We are passionate about trading and enjoy sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Award Winning Experience - Trendsignal
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Our Vision

To be a global leader in trading education, allowing new and experienced traders to trade with confidence and achieve their goals.

Our Mission

To help more traders achieve success, leading the way in innovation, experience and results.

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Trusted Trading Courses

Our online trading courses break down the challenges that many traders face on their own – namely confusion over complex strategies and low confidence. Whilst many other trading courses teach discretionary strategies that are hard to replicate, our team of data analysts and traders have produced verified trading strategies that are easily followed by individual traders using the clear rules that we provide. The professional training and tools help you find trades, follow the rules and become a more confident trader.

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The Trendsignal Team

jerry miller

Jerry Miller

Managing Director

Jerry has nearly 40 years experience in financial services with GNI Ltd, Newbridge International Inc (UK & US), Meridian Capital Markets (Ireland) and TMS Capital Ltd. As the owner, founder and Managing Director of Trendsignal, Jerry’s areas of expertise include trading all exchange traded derivative products, futures, options, CFDs and financial spread betting.

adrian buthee

Adrian Buthee


Having studied Economics at University, Adrian started his career at Cave & Sons Stockbrokers in 2001, where he placed his first trade. Joining Trendsignal in 2004, Adrian has been trading ever since, using the same tools that our members use today. Now a Director and Head of Trading, he is responsible for the operations of the business, and ensuring we continue to lead the industry through innovation and support.

Stuart Hopkins

Stuart Hopkins

Head Coach

Stuart has been actively involved with trading and investing since 1981. As Head Coach at Trendsignal, he is responsible for delivering the high-quality standard of coaching and training that our members expect, and that we demand. He enjoys most forms of trading and investing; more relaxed end of day trading according to a specific set of rules and active intra-day trading from 2-minute charts.

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Company History


With the growth of online trading, Jerry Miller decides to share his vast knowledge and experience, so that more people can trade with confidence from home. The idea for Trendsignal is born.


Trendsignal opens its doors, launching the Trendsignal Plus training course and software teaching individuals how to trade FX, indices and commodities.


The Sniper strategy first used by members.

Adrian Buthee joins the team.


Group coaching webinars are introduced, providing live and online market analysis.


Day trading courses and strategies can now be enjoyed.


The launch of our first Traders Bootcamp, with in-house training day and live trading.


Asked to feature on the Market Trader TV series.


The launch of our first Traders Bootcamp, with in-house training day and live trading.


The Dynamic Trader day trading course is launched.


Our tools becoming available on tablet and smartphone.
Introduces Trade Mate, a tool for managing risk and establishing stop-loss and take-profit levels.


All course training and delivery becomes fully online.


Momentum Stocks is launched, providing education, tools and coaching for trading US stocks.


Cryptocurrency trading comes to Trendsignal with the launch of the Complete Crypto Trader course.


The launch of Trendsignal Trading Club


Celebrating our 20th Anniversary! For two decades, we've empowered traders like you to achieve success with our powerful tools and unparalleled coaching.


New Members Area is launched, providing, courses, course materials, tools, live trading sessions and much more.

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Established in 2003 Trendsignal ltd

Rated Excellent 4.5/5
on Trustpilot

Rated Excellent 4.5/5 on Trustpilot

Over 10,000

Over 10,000 members Trendsignal