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Financial market news - 5th June 2017Created: 5th Jun 2017


Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - 55 pip winnerCreated: 1st Jun 2017

  Today’s trade of the day is an S4 trade occurring on the EUR/NZD. Occurring yesterday at 6pm, this trade closed out overnight, netting over 55 pips profit. Here at Trendsignal we can teach how to identify key signals, through our training programme, to help you become a successful trader and make money trading....

Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - 52 Pip Winner Created: 25th May 2017

Today we had an s4 trade hit target on UKOIL 52 pips in under 4 hours. If you would like to see how we trade or would like to learn a formidable trading strategy we will be holding webinars next week....

Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - USD/JPYCreated: 24th May 2017

Fantastic trade of the day on the USD/JPY last night. The trade triggered at 10 pm last night and should hit target shortly. If you would like lo learn profitable trading strategies come along to the webinar tomorrow at 12:30am....

Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - 200 Pip winner on GBP/NZDCreated: 23rd May 2017

  Our D1 strategy highlighted 2 trades over the last 5 days on GBP/NZD. Starting our week off with 200 pips from one pair of our 38. If you would like to learn how to trade come and join our webinar....

Category: Trade of the day


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