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£1900 profit trading the Dow yesterdayCreated: 23rd Jan 2020

Big moves on the US30 (Dow index / Wall Street) yesterday, with upwards of 150 points available for traders. Learn the strategy and learn how to trade by watching Head Trader, Adrian Buthee run through the 6 trades from yesterday’s trading. If you would like to see how you could get great trades like this, reserve your FREE place into one of our upcoming Live Webinars now: -  Click Here...

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75 Pip Movement on the Dow JonesCreated: 23rd Jan 2020


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US stock market at all time highs and is the UK about to cut interest rates?Created: 21st Jan 2020

In this week’s trading Podcast, Adrian Buthee and Jerry Miller discuss impeachment, interest rates and trade agreements to help clear the understanding of what’s driving this stock market high after high. We also consider the Retail sales data and the somewhat muted effect on GBPUSD, and what it means for forex traders as we get closer to a UK interest rate decision next week. Adrian looks at the GBPUSD, EURUSD, FTSE100 and Gold charts to look for where to buy and sell in the coming week, and in Defining Trading, Adrian talks about Short-Selling. What it means and some of the mechanics behind it. We hope you enjoy the session. Register for our FREE webinar to discover the Award-Winning Strategy LIVE in action - CLICK HERE...

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How will the GBP be affected if UK cuts interest ratesCreated: 17th Jan 2020

  A lot to get through today as Adrian Buthee and Jerry Miller give a run through of the major issues affecting the GBPUSD, EURUSD, FTSE, Oil and Gold markets, including interest rates, geo-political tensions, Iran, Inflation and non-farm payroll. Adrian also takes at the charts, and the major levels to be looking out for when trading Forex, Indices and Commodities. Defining Trading will explain what Initial Margin means and how it works, including the differences between different markets, including for trading Spread Betting and trading CFDs....

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How US/Iran Tensions are Affecting the MarketsCreated: 13th Jan 2020

Happy New Year and what a rollercoaster start! We take a look at the key markets that will be moving after the Bomb attack in Iraq on Iranian General Soleimani. Adrian will identify the key support and resistance levels for Oil, Gold (at a 7 year high) and the Equity Markets and how to trade them. We also look at the concept of Risk-Off / Risk-On, defining what it means, why it happens and how you can react to changes in sentiment....

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