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Trading Oil when the Trends Change. Created: 1st Dec 2021

I just had to do a video on the recent moves on Oil.  The recent short was one of my favourite types of trades.  This is all about spotting when trends change, and how to trade them.

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Market News – Stocks higher, dollar lower as ‘risk-on’ remainsCreated: 25th Oct 2021

ear Reader Chinese markets were slightly firmer overnight.   That’s helping European markets start the week slightly higher.   For US stocks, that builds on what was a decent week last week… with the Dow Jones up some 382 points or 1.29%.   That brings the Dow’s performance for October to 4.82% or +1,640...

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Market News – Stock markets recover after tough SeptemberCreated: 13th Oct 2021

Dear Reader, Equity markets may have stemmed the big declines seen at the end of September.   The US Dow Jones added 925 points from the low last week to Friday’s close.   And that’s great news for buyers of momentum stocks like the ones we trade in

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Market News – Evergrande knocks marketsCreated: 21st Sep 2021

Dear Reader,   World equities markets continued with their losing streak this morning.   This time Far East markets are the catalyst, as one of the world’s most indebted property developer struggles.   Evergrande, which is listed on the Hong Kong exchange, fell an alarming 19%...

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A detailed review on the most recent GBP trading opportunitiesCreated: 14th Sep 2021

A number of recent opportunities on the GBP currency pairs for Trendsignal members. In this video, Adrian Buthee reviews these opportunities and how they can be traded, whether with or against the longer term trends....

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