UK Inflation Remains At 4%

Created: 14th February 2024

In the latest economic snapshot, UK inflation held steady at 4% in January, mirroring December's rate, contrary to forecasters' expectations of a slight uptick to 4.2%. This figure continues to surpass the Bank of England's target of 2%, presenting both challenges and opportunities for traders. 

UK Inflation Remains at Four Percent


Key Factors Driving Inflation: 

Notably, the surge in gas and electricity costs emerged as the primary contributor to inflationary pressures, offsetting declines in furniture and food prices. 

January witnessed a significant milestone as food prices experienced their first monthly decline since September 2021, offering a reprieve to consumers. 


Political Perspectives: 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt applauded the government's economic strategy, highlighting substantial progress in curbing inflation. He emphasized,  

"The plan is working, we have made huge progress in bringing inflation down." 

In contrast, Labour's Rachel Reeves expressed concerns over the persistent rise in prices, advocating for a change in economic policies to address ongoing challenges. 


Progress and Pledges: 

Despite the current inflationary landscape, it's worth noting that the government achieved its pledge to halve inflation in 2023, marking a significant milestone. This accomplishment follows the peak of 11.1% inflation recorded in October 2022. 

Additionally, core inflation, which excludes volatile components like energy and food, remained unchanged at 5.1%. 


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