Trade Report – 12th May 2023

Created: 12th May 2023

We are often asked for more data about the performance of the strategies, so this month we have put together a brief performance review to give readers an idea about how it works. April was a good month for the Trendsignal Sniper Strategies (within the Trendsignal Plus programme). The two strategies taught on the programme produced stellar results with the D1 Sniper strategies rules picking up a profit of 13.6% and the D1 Accelerator model results a profit of 23.7%. (Please note: this data is based on risking 2% of account value on each trade).

D1 Sniper Trading Strategy

Key Points:

Instruments traded: Forex, indices & commodities.

Number of valid trades = 58

Result = 13.67% (647.2 pips)

Number of winning trades: 40

Number of losing trades: 18

Win Rate: 69%

Average Winner: +1.13%

Average Loser: -1.76%

Strategy Information: The D1 Sniper strategy can be traded in two ways. New members to the system will focus on a rules-based approach, looking at outcomes that are purely based on statistical data. Having analysed over 10,000 trading opportunities, the system will produced a high-confidence based ‘Starter’ target for each trading opportunity, which acts as a great initial target for traders whilst building their understanding. Those ‘Starter’ targets can often be smaller than the initial stop losses. With experience (and our coaching), members will then have the confidence look to adjust targets and trade management in order to maximise profit potential further, based on the merits of each trade – in other words, moving from being rigid rules to a rules-based framework.

D1 Accelerator Trading Strategy

Key Points:

Instruments traded: Forex.

Number of valid trades = 50

Result = 23.7% (1031 pips)

Number of winning trades: 31

Number of losing trades: 18 (+one breakeven)

Win Rate: 62%

Average Winner: +0.98%

Average Loser: -0.36%

Strategy Information: The D1 Accelerator strategy is part of a Trendsignal Plus member’s development. Similar to the D1 Sniper strategy, in that it is looking for turning points, the Accelerator’s settings are adjusted to look for faster opportunities. Despite being an end-of-day trading strategy, with new trades identified most evenings, the strategy typically holds trades for less than 48 hours, allowing traders’ capital to remain nimble in pursuit of where the market is moving. The above data requires some discretion and is based on a risk-averse approach from our head coach.