Trade of the Day - UK100 and GER40

Created: 12th June 2024

Welcome to Trendsignal's Trade of the Day! In this video, we review our recent trades on the UK 100 (FTSE) and the GER40 (DAX), highlighting the strategies and results that brought us impressive returns.

  • UK100 Trade: Achieved a 6% return, closing at 127 pips.
  • GER40 Trade: Secured a 9% return, closing at 226 points. 
  • Combined Return: Over 15% profit in less than 24 hours from these two trades.
  • Additional Trades: Insights on the Hang Seng, GBP/JPY, and EUR/AUD trades with notable gains.

Our approach emphasises managing trades actively to ensure profitability, focusing on the sum of all trades rather than individual outcomes.

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