Trade of the Day - Maximising Profits with the US30: A Case Study on Live Trading

Created: 24th June 2024

Welcome to Trendsignal’s Trade of the Day! In this blog post, we analyse our current live trade on the US30 (Dow Jones), showcasing our strategy, targets, and crucial risk management practices that can help you become a more confident and successful trader.

Analysing the US30 Trade

On June 18th, we identified a promising Buy opportunity on the US30, marked by our proprietary "sniper circles." These circles represent high-probability entry points: green for Buy signals and red for Sell signals. This visual tool is integral to our strategy, making it easier to spot profitable trades at a glance.

Setting Up the Trade

Once the Buy signal was identified, we set our stop level at 175 points to manage potential risks. The initial profit target was placed at 291 points, which was achieved relatively quickly. For traders who exited at this point, it was a successful trade with a nice profit.

However, we saw potential for further gains and advised looking towards an extended target at 776 points. As of now, the trade is still live, hovering around a 6% increase in our account. The next significant level we're watching is the 40,000 mark, where there's a double peak on our charts.

Importance of Risk Management

One of the key takeaways from this trade is the importance of risk management. Despite the high reward potential, it’s crucial not to let this trade become a loss. Here are a few tips we emphasize:

  • Lock in Profits: As the trade moves in your favor, secure some of the gains by adjusting your stop levels.
  • Partial Exits: Consider taking out part of your position to realize some profits while letting the rest run towards higher targets.
  • Avoid Overexposure: Ensure your trade size is appropriate for your account to prevent significant losses.

Learn Our Strategies

If you find this approach intriguing and want to learn how to spot and execute profitable trades like this, we invite you to join our free trading webinar. This session will cover our strategies in detail and help you gain confidence in your trading decisions.

For those who prefer a more personalized experience, schedule a one-to-one walkthrough with one of our senior traders. This session will give you hands-on experience with our software and answer any questions you may have, helping you take control of your trading journey.


Trading the US30 has provided a valuable case study in identifying profitable opportunities and managing risk effectively. By following our strategies and using tools like the sniper circles, you can enhance your trading skills and confidence.

Stay tuned for more trade insights, and don’t forget to register for our webinar or schedule your one-to-one walkthrough.

Happy trading!