Top Trades Update: +12.3% profit from this week’s Forex, Index and Oil trades.

Created: 22nd July 2022

It is funny how pips gained or lost seem to be the measure for trading performance, and yet, it can be so misleading at times. This week is a great example of this. With 12 trades this week, we are only up 17 pips on our rules based strategy, and yet, this equates to a 12.3% profit.

Sounds odd doesn’t it.

It’s all about the gain relative to the stop loss distance.

In this video Adrian does a full recap of all the trades this week, and what was possible for our members – including a potential 4.7% profit on NZDCHF right through to a 0.6% gain on the SPX500.

Learn the strategy and how these trades were managed in this short video.To see the strategy on live markets – with live trades click here and book a free place on our next live trading webinar:

*In reference to the NZDCHF trade, it looks like there is an error on Trademate (On Charting Center) as this should be exactly a 50 pip target at 0.6070, which hit. We will get on this immediately.