Master Short-Term DAX Trading: Dynamic Trader Strategy Explained

Created: 28th June 2024

Trading the DAX can be both exciting and rewarding, especially when you have a solid strategy in place. In our recent "Trade of the Day" video, we delve into a unique approach using a two-minute chart from our Dynamic Trader package. This method is perfect for those seeking numerous short-term trades throughout the day. Let's break down the key aspects of this strategy and how you can use it to maximize your trading success.

A Calm and Controlled Strategy

Many traders might panic at the thought of a two-minute chart, but our strategy is designed to be calm and controlled. Despite the short time frame, each trade follows a specific set of rules to ensure high-probability entries. This approach minimizes stress and keeps trading disciplined and focused.

Real-Time Trade Examples

To illustrate the strategy, the video provides detailed examples of four trades executed since the 8:00 AM start:

  1. First Trade (8:14 AM):

    • Entry: Close of the 8:14 AM candle.
    • Stop-Loss: 30 points.
    • Outcome: At its best, moved 40 points down, providing a good window for profit.
  2. Second Trade (8:32 AM):

    • Entry: Another bite at the previous trade's movement.
    • Stop-Loss: 12 points.
    • Outcome: Moved down 19 points, another opportunity for profit.
  3. Third Trade:

    • Entry: A continuation trade with a 15-point stop.
    • Outcome: Moved down just under 50 points, yielding significant returns.
  4. Fourth Trade (9:20 AM):

    • Entry: Close of the 9:20 AM candle.
    • Stop-Loss: 36 points.
    • Outcome: Still running during the video, already up 80 points, with potential for more.

Profit-Locking Techniques

One of the key aspects of this strategy is the ability to lock in profits as trades progress. By adjusting the stop-loss points, you can secure gains and minimise risk. For example, in the fourth trade, as the price moved up, the stop-loss was adjusted to lock in up to 75 points against a 36-point stop. This method ensures that even if the market turns, the trade remains profitable.

High Returns with Minimal Risk

The Dynamic Trader strategy shows how risking a small percentage of your account can yield substantial profits. For instance, risking 1.5% of your account could result in a 3% gain on a single trade, not to mention the cumulative gains from multiple trades throughout the day.

Learn More and Take Control of Your Trading Journey

If you're intrigued by this approach and want to learn how to find profitable trades like these, we invite you to register for our free trading webinar. During the webinar, you'll discover the strategies that can turn you into a confident trader. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, you can schedule a one-on-one session with a senior trader. See our software in action, get your questions answered, and take control of your trading journey.


Trading the DAX with a short-term strategy doesn't have to be stressful. With the right tools and techniques, you can trade calmly and confidently. Our Dynamic Trader package provides a structured and disciplined approach, allowing you to capitalise on multiple opportunities throughout the day. Watch our "Trade of the Day" video to see this strategy in action and take the first step towards mastering short-term DAX trading.

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