Live Screenshare: 6th September - How to trade the 2-minute charts

Created: 8th September 2022
This week's session livestream is looking at Daytrading. Daytrading is being in and out of a trade within the same day.
With the recent volatility, day trading is a fantastic opportunity to trade big size for BIG moves, perhaps for a full-time income.
You see, daytrading needs to be treated differently to Swing Trading. It isn't about the big winner... it's about little and often - managing the day to keep progressing towards your profit target. And this Live Screenshare is going to teach you:
• How to day trade
• How to pick your entry points
• How to trade size
• How to manage your psychology and
• How to manage your day to achieve consistent results.
Done correctly, daytrading can be an incredible way to make money. This webinar is going to teach you how. So, please join me for an hour, and let's get this right.