Live Screenshare: 16th August - How to trade Stocks in Bull and Bear markets

Created: 17th August 2022
The recent US Stock market fall rather focusses the mind on opportunity. Not just picking up bargains, but also making money from any further falls.
It sounds mad doesn’t it… making money from falling stock prices, but with the right knowhow, it is just as easy to do.
And given that the stock market is typically falling about 40% of the time, such a skill gives a huge advantage.
In this event Adrian is going to take you through how to trade stocks, and will be perfect for investors, traders and beginners.
Attend this session and you will learn:
• What is short-selling and how it works
• How to spot rising and falling stocks
• A clever rule to jump on major market momentum.
• The right type of trading account to take full advantage
This will be an action-packed 1 hour of education and analysis on some of the biggest stocks in the world.