Top Trades Update: A 700 point fall on the S&P500 captured by the Sniper trade

Created: 23rd February 2023

In this trade of the day video, Adrian takes a look at the recent 2 trades on the S&P500 Daily chart. One loss and one winning trade. The question is, what could we have done to recognise the loser before taking the trade.

This video will explain this scenario and how to incorporate an element of “structured discretion” to spot riskier opportunities before taking them. Using pivot points, that identifying support and resistance, Trendsignal members can refine their trading decision to take fewer riskier trades, allowing them to focus on the remaining higher probability setups.

In this example, such analysis could have led to the avoidance of a risker Long trade opportunity and the trading of the higher probability short trade setup, which then fell over 700 points in 2 days.