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Market NewsCreated: 17th Oct 2016


Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - GBP/USDCreated: 14th Oct 2016

Our Sniper Trading Strategy highlighted a fantastic trade this morning on GBP/USD. This trade which banked members 20 points under  30 minutes after entry. If you would like to learn to trade or find a simple trading strategy that can provide you with regular winners.  Come along to our online trading seminar to see if you could use this trading system too. The next one is on the 18th of October at 7 pm.                ...

Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - AUD/JPYCreated: 13th Oct 2016

The sniper circle provided us with pin point entry on this AUD/JPY trade earlier this afternoon. Members banked 20 points within 2 hours of entry using this trading strategy. Learn to trade the sniper circle strategy on more markets and larger time frames like the daily charts, where we are netting 100 points per trade and locked in over 2000 points during September....

Category: Trade of the day

Trade of the day - GBP/USDCreated: 10th Oct 2016

Traded GBP/USD and took 20 pips from the markets within an hour of entry, using our flagship trading strategy members trading at £10 per pip have started their trading week with a win. Learn to trade this strategy on different markets and larger timeframes on our next webinar and learn how you can net over 1000 pips on a monthly basis.                ...

Category: Trade of the day

Trades of the weekCreated: 10th Oct 2016

A quiet week in terms of new trading opportunities. Certainly some movement around, especially with the GBP pairs, but our exposure has been light. We have a few “Daily chart, End of Day” trades close out for profit and this video highlights 4 of them: CADJPY 100 pip win EURCAD 62 pip win USDCAD 55 pip win GBPNZD 89 pip win In total 306 pips profit from these 4 opportunities, with the longest trade duration being only 2 days. All these from trading strategies that are rules based and taught on our trading course. All of these trades were also taught and called live within our online trading workshops.              ...

Category: Trades of the week


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