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Trade of the day- GBP/CADCreated: 27th Feb 2017

Today’s trade of the day is a S4 Trade short occurring on the GBP/CAD pairing occurring Friday evening at 6pm. The trade closed out on Sunday evening, netting over 55 pips profit! Here at Trendsignal we can teach how to identify key signals, through our training programme, to help you become a successful trader and make money trading...

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Trades of the weekCreated: 27th Feb 2017


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Financial market newsCreated: 27th Feb 2017


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Trade of the dayCreated: 23rd Feb 2017

 Our sniper circle strategy highlighted a fantastic trade this afternoon which banked member 20 points within 45 minutes of entry. Members trading at a conservative £10 per point are looking at the best part of £200 using this simple to follow rule based trading strategy. To see it live in action book a place on our next webinar. ...

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Trade of the day-EUR/NZDCreated: 21st Feb 2017

      Our S4 trading strategy highlighted a trade on Brent Crude Oil yesterday at 10am. With a spread of 5 pips we took a total of 31 pips net profit on this trade. If you'd like to find a strategy that can make you money, come along to our webinar this evening. you will also see more trades highlighted by trend signal....

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