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100pips taken using our D1 strategy Created: 1st Nov 2017

Today’s trade is a daily trade occurring on the NZD/CAD pairing. We entered this trade on Friday 27th October and closed out earlier today with 100 pips profit. Our trading strategies and course at Trendsignal will help you trade profitably by identifying key forex signals. This trading strategy only takes 20 minutes a day. Do you have that to learn to trade the financial markets?  ...

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35pips trading EUROCreated: 31st Oct 2017

  Today’s trade of the day is an S4 trade on EUR/AUD. We entered this trade at 9am on Tuesday 31st October and closed out within 4 hours hitting our target of 35 pips profit. Our strategies at Trendsignal identify key trading signals to enable you to learn to trade forex...

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Impressive opportunity on the FTSECreated: 25th Oct 2017

  Today’s trade of the day showcased an ongoing short D1 trade triggering on the FTSE 100 Index. We entered this trade at 75.23 and plan to sell at 74.23, resulting in an impressive 100 pips net profit! That’s £300 profit on the one trade if you were trading £3 a point! Want to learn how we do this? Looking for a trading strategy? Come along to one of our trading seminars and see how it’s done!...

Category: Trade of the day


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