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Chief analyst - Market news for week aheadCreated: 13th Nov 2017


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Brand New S5 strategy banks 75pipsCreated: 10th Nov 2017

  Today’s trade of the day is on our brand new S5 strategy on GBP/NZD. We entered this trade at 6am today and hit target within 8 hours, giving us 75 pips profit. Our strategies at Trendsignal identify key trading signals to enable you to learn to trade forex signals. To find out more about our new S5 strategy book in to one of our webinars. This trading strategy only takes 20 minutes a day....

Category: Trade of the day

Trade on DAX banks 100pips!Created: 9th Nov 2017

  Today’s trade of the day occurred on the Dax Index. This sell signal was triggered using our powerful D1 strategy, we entered the trade at 13394 and exited at 13294 resulting a 100 pip gain. 100 pips at £5 a pip is an impressive £500 profit from the one trade! Want to lean how we do this ? Interested in learning how to trade the financial markets or looking to start developing you’re existing trading strategies? Get in touch or come watch one of our weekly webinars....

Category: Trade of the day

Live D1 trade on GOLD today Created: 8th Nov 2017

  Today’s trade of the day is a special one as we’re showcasing a LIVE D1 trade triggered on Gold. The buy signal appeared on our charts and we entered the trade at 1275.8 and plan to sell at 1291.5, this resulting in an impressive 157 pips net profit! That’s £471 profit on the one trade if you were trading £3 a point! Want to learn how we do this? Looking for a trading strategy? Come along to one of our trading webinars and come see how it’s done!      ...

Category: Trade of the day


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