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Profit of 134pips in only 1 dayCreated: 1st Feb 2018

Today’s trade of the day is on EUR/AUD on our daily charts. This trade occurred on the 24th January and we hit our target of 134 pips profit today. Our trading strategies and course at Trendsignal will help you trade profitably by identifying key forex signals. This trading strategy only takes 20 minutes a day. Do you have that to learn to trade?...

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50pips profits within 2 days trading...Created: 29th Jan 2018

  Today’s trade of the day is an S5 trade on EUR/AUD. We entered this trade at 6pm on Friday 26th January and closed out today at 2pm with 50 pips profit. Our strategies at Trendsignal identify key trading signals to enable you to learn to trade forex signals. This day trading strategy only takes 20 minutes a day. Do you have that to learn to trade the financial markets?...

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What to expect in the upcoming FOMC Meeting...Created: 29th Jan 2018

  An important week for data as we focus on the key Non-farm employment data this Friday. Trump delivers the State of the Union address in Washington, following the anniversary of his first year in office. We discuss the Eurozone inflation data and the interest expectations in the USA with the last FOMC meeting to be chaired by the outgoing chairperson Janet Yellen – soon to be replaced by Trump nomination, Jerome H. Powell. Key Q4 results are also discussed with a quarter of the S&P500 reporting this week....

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Impressive 20pip winner trading... Created: 24th Jan 2018

  Today’s trade of the day occurred on the AUD/NZD pair. This was triggered using our powerful S4 strategy, we entered this trade as a SELL at 1.0951 and exited at 1.0931 resulting in an impressive 20 pip gain! 20 pips traded at £5 a point is an impressive £100 profit. Want to lean how we do this ? Interested in learning how to trade the financial markets or looking to start developing you’re existing trading strategies? Get in touch or come watch one of our weekly webinars....

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