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Two big shorts on the DAX, setting up a great days tradingCreated: 6th Aug 2020

    Day trading is all about managing the day to end positive. Today’s trading session starts with 2 big short trades, moving over 200 points in total. Big moves and a big winning start to the day’s trading      ...

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A cracking evening session on the Dow. 3 winners and 1 loser for 180 points of opportunityCreated: 6th Aug 2020

  The evening session on the US30 is often the most volatile and therefore most profitable for our Day Traders, and 4th August was no exception. Some great moves kicked in after 19:20, leading to some big turns and big wins. And yes, there was a winner in there too. Trade 1, moving 75 pips in our favour, Trade 2, a quick 25, Trade 3 was a 14 pip loss and finally a Continuation for Trade 4, pushing 80 points higher into the close. A solid trading session....

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The EUR/USD D1 Accelerator BUY trade finally turns down, after a 650 point moveCreated: 6th Aug 2020

The EURUSD has been on a big one since 1st July, with EUR strength combining with USD weakness. And here we are, 5 weeks and 650 pips later, the FX pair has finally turned. Today’s trade of the day reviews this trade, and why it was a higher probability opportunity....

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GOLD rallies 600 points in 3 days on the S4 Accelerator StrategyCreated: 6th Aug 2020

  GOLD has been in a strong uptrend for some time. After a brief counter-trend correction on 30th July, the 4 hour chart flipped back inline with the dominant trend on 31st, leading to a huge 600 points rise in just 3 days, as GOLD extends its record high. This video explains how we picked the trend and the entry to get on this massive mover.    ...

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USD continues to fall, and Tech stocks rally againCreated: 5th Aug 2020

  To Join our Trading Workshop: Click here Subscribe for more great trades: Click here   In today’s Podcast Adrian and Jerry review the forex, stock and commodity markets and the main events that are creating the movement. In today’s session we look at infection rates continuing to rise in the US, and slowdown of the economic recovery causing big falls in the USD, big rises in tech stocks and GOLD. GBP and EUR also post strong weeks, with the GBP strength creating a tough time for UK stock valuations....

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