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Another 145 points profit Day Trading the Dow (£1450 profit)Created: 28th Jan 2020

  What a day! The Coronavirus is creating some big moves on the market. We did a video for the earlier trades on Friday, but here is an update for the trades that happened later in the day. One Short and a further Buy trade into the close as any short traders looked to cover before the weekend. All in all, a day bringing in well over 200 points profit....

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Making over 600 points trading the indicesCreated: 28th Jan 2020

  Today we take a look at the recent Index trades on the Daily charts. Some big reversals taking place last week and we have been the beneficiary of profitable short opportunities on the UK100 (104 points), US30 (100 points) and SPX500 (373 points)....

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Day Trading the Dow for 128 points (£1280 profit)Created: 28th Jan 2020

What a break down on the US30 today. We were already short on the daily charts, but that is now pulling the 2 minute charts down too, and for some fantastic gains. In fact, with 2 short trades after the open, both hitting big wins for our Dynamic Traders. Take a look at this analysis to see more about these trades and why we were in them....

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+49 pips using higher timeframes to trade against the trendCreated: 28th Jan 2020

  In yesterday’s video I looked at trading against the trend and finding context for the move, to add confidence to your decision making. Today we look at higher timeframes to do the same thing. We look at a current short trade on CADJPY and how we can use these techniques to get on Sniper trades, that are against the main trend of the market....

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3 GBP Forex trades and 430 pips profit in a few daysCreated: 23rd Jan 2020

  Wow, it’s all about the GBP today. Some big moves and big reversals on a lot of markets over the past few days. Trendsignal traders definitely able to take advantage of these moves with 3 GBP buy trades already hitting targets. GBP/NZD, GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF all hitting benchmark targets and we are hoping for more as these Forex pairs continue to move inline with the major trends. If you would like to see how you could get great trades like this, reserve your FREE place into one of our upcoming Live Webinars now: - Click Here...

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