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Huge stock market falls as Coronavirus spreadsCreated: 25th Feb 2020

  Wow, what a sell off as the fears of the Coronavirus spreading take over. Worries about Italy, Libya, South Korea and the ability to transmit the virus undetected have escalated Apple’s supply chain concerns last week, and now as we write the Dow is down 800 points since Friday’s close. Jerry and Adrian discuss the news and the impact on the markets,  and how it could all pan out. Adrian also reviews the major levels for the FTSE, DAX, Dow and S&P indices, and take a look at recent big moves on Gold and USDJPY, as investors move to RISK-OFF mode. And finally in defining trading, Adrian introduces Hedging to traders; how it all works and how traders can use it to manage risk to their portfolios during such times of market instability.   In-depth market analysis      Global stock markets had a mixed week. UK stock markets got a lift from better manufacturing data. Finishing flat on the week despite the falls Friday in the US.   And so, did the German DAX but much of the good work was undone by weaker data in the US. US manufacturing PMI came in 50.8, worse than the 51.5 sand quite a bit than last month’s 51.9 Nevertheless, the number was still above 50 which indicates an expanding...

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TINA strikes again to new all time highs and EUR SlumpCreated: 19th Feb 2020

Amazing moves last week as the US stock market shrugged off Corona to new all time highs. EUR Data continues to disappoint driving EUR to a huge fall on the week, especially against the USD (safe haven) and GBP (better outlook). GBP had a healthy lift as Johnson juggles his Cabinet and a new Chancellor is chosen. This week, Adrian takes a look at the major opportunities from last week as there continues to be healthy volatility for traders to get on, with fantastic opportunities on EURUSD, EURAUD, EURCAD and USDCHF. We also refer to a current open trade in USDCAD starting to show signs of life.   In defining trading, Adrian discusses having a trading plan, going into the simple steps for compiling one and what should be included. We hope that leads you to a more disciplined and successful approach. In-depth market analysis  Markets continue to be wary of the potential impact of the Covid 19 virus infection. Global markets held their nerve last week despite a re-evaluation of the infection rate by Chinese authorities. As many commentators have suspected the infection rate is higher that that actually reported so far. The infection rate has jumped sharply but this re-evaluation does not signal an increasing threat of a global pandemic. The mortality rate...

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EURCAD short trade update (Part 2)Created: 13th Feb 2020

2 from 2 on our new Youtube series… where we are calling live trades in part 1 and trade recaps on Part 2.   Today’s part 2 looks at the follow up to a recent short trade called on EURCAD on the Daily chart, which was a nice Short Sniper trade, in line with the longer term trend.   The results was a 130 pip profit.   I hope you managed to get on it too....

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Live EURCAD Trade – Part 1 Created: 13th Feb 2020

Part 1 of this video is looking at a new trade setup on EURCAD. We have a Sell sniper setup, which might setup tonight. So I am calling the trade, and we’ll follow up with Part 2 in the next few days and see how the trade pans out.  ...

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Buying the dips to record highsCreated: 11th Feb 2020

  What a bounce on the US stock markets as the threat of the Coronavirus being downgraded by a reduction in the number of new cases being announced. Also strong US Manufacturing data and Trump’s impeachment acquittal help fuel the rally as the S&P and Dow shrugged off recent losses to new highs. Today’s Podcast looks at these events and the effect on the markets, and what to look out for in the week ahead, if trading Forex, indices and commodities. Adrian then reviews the movement on US Dollar Forex pairs USDCHF, USDJPY and EURUSD and current trades, plus other opportunities on the Oils and Copper. In Defining Trading, Adrian looks at “Support and Resistance”, defines what it means, what causes it and applies it to the recent GBPUSD chart for some live examples.    ...

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